How Much Does it Cost to Live Tiny on Maui

May 19, 2020

Once our home was completed, we jumped right into another unknown, what it would cost to live in our tiny home? We had an idea of what we would like to pay monthly for rent but other than that it was all a mystery. As we wrapped up our tiny home project we realized that all our thoughts, time, and energy were on finishing the home not necessary on how much money it would cost us to live in it.

Even though we continue to pay out money to keep this tiny living dream alive, it’s an amount I’m happy to pay to own my own home and have it parked on this incredibly beautiful island in Hawaii.
Here’s a breakdown of our tiny home expenses- monthly, every couple of months, and maybe a few times a year. Nothing hidden because I want you to be as prepared as possible for this Tiny Living lifestyle.


Monthly Expense

Rent $400Trash $6 monthlyInsurance $30 personal possessionsDistilled water $2 per gallon (used to equalize our batteries which store our electricity)Total $438

Every 3-4 months

Propane $25 20lbs tank(We have 2 always hooked up and one extra for when we run out)Total $75 (I’ve never filled up all three at once but for totaling I want the highest possible cost)

Every 6-8 months

Water delivery $250 FOR 3,0000 gallons(frequency depends on how dry it is)Water filters $20-$27 per filter (We have 3 each and I always change all at each change)Total $331

Once a year

Compostable bags for toilet $39 for 40 bags We use 2 bags a monthTotal $39
If all of these expenses landed within the same month you’d be spending exactly $883. But when are home expenses exact, lets round that up to $1,000. That number is a steal for a “two-bedroom” home in Hawaii!

Oh, Wait!

If you’re like, Hello! No homeowner’s insurance?! Here’s the thing, I just recently found “Real” homeowners Insurance for our ENTIRE home(in Hawaii) including fire and hurricane protection for around $530 a year. The only downside is that it’s a one-time payment if I don’t want to pay interest. My husband and I haven’t decided how we will be paying this but it’s definitely being added to our expenses in the future.

If you love seeing the numbers, head over to our budget breakdown with Dwell Magazine to see how our total house build cost $45,000.