May 19, 2020

Step by Step Guide to Registering Your Trailer in Hawaii

Specifically, in Hawaii, Tiny Home trailers are required to be registered with the DMV. If you go down the same path as us and DIY your trailer there are a few added steps to the process. The following steps are for a bought trailer that comes with title paperwork. *See added DIY trailer steps below
1. Find yourself a safety check business to get a temporary safety check. You’ll need to bring the “title” that came with the trailer(this will have the VIN and weight of the trailer.) You will also be asked to provide the registration and insurance for the vehicle towing the trailer, make sure your all up to date.
2. Take paperwork and temp safety check to the DMV to fill out a trailer registration form (These forms are only available at the DMV, not online.) The clerk will provide you with your registration and license plate.
3. Return back to the safety check business you visited at step one and present trailer registration to receive the safety check sticker.

*DIY Trailer

If you make your own trailer or don’t have paperwork that shows the trailer VIN or weight your first step will be this;
*Visit the scale house, The Maui Landfill will weigh your trailer for free. You’ll most likely receive your trailer weight on a sticky note. Make sure you have the contact name, number and date from the scale house if verification is needed.
*Then you’ll need to visit a Safety inspection business which will give you a VIN for your trailer. You’ll need to put VIN on your trailer near the hitch. Don’t worry your safety inspection specialist will help you out.
Then you can proceed with the steps listed above.
Keep in mind, that these instructions are for Hawaii specifically!

ALSO, If you’re DIY-ing your project in a remote location, like Hawaii, consider contacting a local tiny house builder to purchase a trailer from, if options are slim. Remember this is your foundation, you DO NOT want to cut corners here.

As always, feel free to email or DM me your questions!